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Ozz Lopez


We are a premier criminal and civil litigation law firm providing full service representation to clients in Florida, Oklahoma, and the District of Columbia. Clients choose us because we build every case with trial in mind.


If you are accused of a crime choosing the right lawyer is the most important decision of your life. When your liberty is at stake nothing else matters. Criminal charges are based on allegations that must be questioned and scrutinized by your attorney. We take pride in our creative motions practice, sometimes getting baseless charges dismissed at the outset of a case.  

Clients also choose us when they are bringing a civil complaint or facing civil penalties. We represent both Plaintiffs and Defendants in civil actions and understand the importance of diligent representation from both sides of the aisle. Our civil practice implores trial strategies similar to those used in our criminal unit. We scrutinize evidence, value preparation in obtaining discovery through depositions, and utilize a powerful motions practice. Our results speak for themselves.


Founding Attorney Charles Haskell has a national reputation and is Bar Certified and Admitted to Practice Law in the State and Federal Courts of Florida, the State of Oklahoma, and the District of Columbia.

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