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We are a full service civil law firm providing representation to clients in the areas of Family Law, Car Accident & Personal Injury Claims, Corporate Litigation, Landlord/Tenant & Property Issues, and General Civil Trial Practice.

Civil Litigation Overview

Many clients often ask what they can expect in civil litigation. If we are representing you in a civil claim for damages, breach of contract action, or other claim for relief this may provide some useful context.

  • Demand Letter

  • Plaintiff Case Initiation

  • Defendant Motion to Dismiss/Answer

  • Discover and Motions

  • Settlement

  • Trial

Family Law

We represent both Petitioners and Respondents in the following areas of Family Law litigation.

  • Dissolution of Marriage

  • Child Custody & Support Modifications

  • Domestic Violence Injunctions

  • Paternity

  • Dependency

Small Business &
Corporate Litigation

Corporate litigation comes in many forms. Our team is prepared to handle all situations involving your business, such as breach of contract claims for either plaintiff or defendant, contract review, immigration concerns, and/or payroll issues.

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